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Film: Haunted TikTok, Olympic Volleyball, Monster Movies

Apr 2, 2021 • View in browser
There be monsters on Hyperallergic this week. There’s a streaming roundup full of giant beasties, and we have an in-depth look at TikTok users tempting the supernatural. Plus, reviews of a Jewish comedy of errors, a documentary about the Japanese national women’s volleyball team, and more. Enjoy!
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– Dan Schindel, Associate Editor for Documentary

Welcome to "Haunted TikTok"
Screenshot from a recent live TikTok by
Screenshot from a recent live TikTok by
Increasingly, TikTok users are going live to hold séances, talk to paranormal “experts,” and encounter “ghosts.” Justine Smith explores this macabre phenomenon.
Latest Reviews
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What to Stream
From "Tahlequah" (2019), dir. Dominique Knowles
From "Tahlequah" (2019), dir. Dominique Knowles
Sky Hopinka’s first feature, małni—towards the ocean, towards the shore, is finally getting a virtual release via Metrograph starting this weekend. Read Ela Bittencourt’s review from last year’s Sundance Film Festival.
This week’s streaming roundup features movies about giant monsters, including that lovable lug Godzilla!
This weekend sees the return of Flaherty NYC with To Feel, To Feel More, To Feel More Than, a series of short films about how humans navigate digital environments.
And starting next Thursday, Mishkin Gallery will be running Critical Ecology on Film, a weekly series that brings together artists, academics, and filmmakers to discuss the environmental crisis. Dessane Lopez Cassell has the scoop.
For a concentrated dose of wholesomeness, enjoy this video of a Canadian locomotive enthusiast who not only has a reconstructed train car in his basement, but has also rigged it up so that one can look out the windows and see video from the point of view of his model train set. Meaning you get to ride in a life-sized train and get a micro point of view.
Riding Inside a Model Train
Riding Inside a Model Train
Until theaters are safe again, be well!
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